At Bewcastle Primary School we aim to develop our pupils as scientists, we want to enjoy the subject and recognise the importance of Science in everyday life and the range of career opportunities that use science skills. We aim to to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world and advance their skills of scientific enquiry. By harnessing the children's natural curiosity, we will encourage them to respect the natural world and be critical of evidence. 


The school uses the Cornerstones scheme to plan lessons and ensure all children learn and retain knowledge throughout the programme of study. Through differentiation children will access tasks that match their abilities and extend their leaning. Children who display a secure understanding will be challenged to apply this through activities that require them to make deeper links between ideas. Children who require more support will be identified early so as deal with misconceptions and support as required.

Teaching and learning is supported by:

  • Vocabulary areas displayed in each classroom that children can independently access
  • Personalised learning activities to consolidate or challenge - with adult support where necessary
  • Knowledge Organisers that outline key teaching points and essential vocabulary 


Children at Bewcastle will demonstrate that the Science curriculum has had an impact when the children can:

  • Develop curiosity, enjoyment  and interest in Science
  • Apply their scientific knowledge to other curriculum areas, including real life contexts and themselves
  • Become confident in setting their own hypotheses and justifying their conclusions with confidence and scientific accuracy 
  • Develop their ability to think and record logically and clearly 
  • Use scientific vocabulary accurately, effectively and confidently