Welcome to Bewcastle Primary School. Our school is small and friendly - we currently have 20 pupils on roll.

We are situated near the Scottish border, with open country all around. We have excellent facilities, with a well-maintained building, extensive grounds and our own community swimming pool, which is open throughout the summer. Please explore our website to find out more about our unique school - or come and visit us - we would be delighted to show you around.

If there is anything that you would like to see on our website, please email us at admin@bewcastle.cumbria.sch.uk or phone 016977 48662 with your suggestions. Our aim is to be an up to date source of information for the whole local community.

School Vision, Ethos and Values

Bewcastle school is unique. Our motto is 'Successful learning in a happy environment'. We aim to deliver a high quality education for all our children, within a nurturing and relaxed setting. Children have freedom to explore our extensive outdoor space and, in the summer months, use our swimming pool on a regular basis. We have a large sandpit, outdoor toys, including bikes and scooters, a wildlife area, a poly tunnel for growing vegetables and space to play, run and build dens with friends.

Our vision for our school is for our children to develop roots and wings:

RootsA deep understanding and appreciation of the the the place where they live.

Wings: The confidence and skills to explore the opportunities that the wider world offers.

Our 5 key values are:

Potential: We want all children to realise their full potential and to make excellent progress from their starting point, developing into determined and adaptable learners.

Community: We want to maintain our strong sense of community. We want to maintain positive relationships within school and to be involved fully with the local community and church. We want to understand our place within the local community and to build links with the wider world.

Aspiration: We want our children to understand the opportunities that are available to them in the wider world and have high expectations of themselves. 

Respect: We want everyone in school to feel valued as individuals and to be mutually respectful. We want everyone to behave appropriately with compassion, trust and forgiveness towards others.

Equality: We are an inclusive school where all children from all backgrounds, faiths and abilities are treated as individuals and have equal opportunity to develop as independent, lifelong learners in a safe and caring environment.

Our teaching staff are highly experienced and we work in a professional team with our teaching assistants and visiting teachers. We have particular expertise in teaching children in mixed age classes, with the challenges and opportunities that this brings. 

We have an 'open door' policy for parents and visitors and have regular community lunches and coffee mornings where everyone can join us. The parish vicar leads collective worship fortnightly and we have a committed governing body who work closely with the headteacher to plan for the future and develop our school community.

If you would like to visit us, please phone us on 016977 48662. You would be very welcome.


By Year 6 pupil

Welcome to our school. We have only a small community but a friendly heart warming school with a lovely working environment. We have a school bus in a morning to get to our school and we arrive in a morning and come in for register. We normally have reading, writing and maths (in the morning) .We have two breaks. No matter whatever age we have something for you. We have a brilliant time playing tag and football. All the kids enjoy breaks because it’s a time to get fresh air and play with your kind friends. In the afternoon we have topic and have a story and school ends at 3.15.