Our School Day

Our school day begins at 9.00 with shared registration and news time.

Children may arrive from 8.50am and enjoy our outdoor space before school begins. Following registration, we have shared, individual and guided reading sessions and focused phonics teaching using Letters and Sounds. We then teach mathematics, following the maths mastery approach devised by White Rose Maths.

After break, which is from 10.30 – 10.50, we teach English and this is followed by handwriting/spelling/ times tables practice in the junior classroom and singing and story in the infants. After lunch, we have an afternoon of topic work. School finishes at 3.15pm.

Our current school timetable can be found here:

Welcome to the Infants Class

By Charlotte (Year 3)

The infants go from nursery up to year two. We learn maths and English and lots of other subjects. Every morning we do the register and then we read. On Friday mornings we do paired reading with a friend and someone shares their book of the week. Our teachers teach us fun learning in maths, English and science with the juniors. We have a new boy in nursery he is called George. On January 10th we played with plasticene and some of us made models because we are learning about forces (pushes and pulls). The infants have been learning about Goldilocks and the three bears it has been so fun they have been learning about it because the whole school have been learning about characters. They have made some porridge and have made some shadow puppets.

Welcome to the Juniors

By Caitlin (Year 3)

We start at 9.00am with the register, Then we read. We do paired reading on Fridays. We do Maths, then we have break, followed by English in the morning, then we have lunch and we do topic work in the afternoon. In the summer we do swimming in our school pool. Our teachers are Ms Harland, Jane and Ann. Ann mostly works with the infants, Jane and Ms Harland work with everyone. We learn outdoors and we do art, science, P.E. with Mr Bagnall, history, geography, music, computing, singing and R.E. We do a school play at Christmas. Last year it was a ‘Festival of light’. The vicar comes in on Thursdays to do assembly with all of us. He tells us stories and we sing. We have a story at the end of the day and we go home at 3.15pm. I would recommend our school because there are lots of things to play with indoors and outdoors. In our school we are all best friends.