As a maintained school, we follow the National Curriculum, which you can access here:

Our curriculum and assessment policy is available on our policies page. (reviewed 2018):

Each year we have a Curriculum framework, which covers all aspects of the curriculum.

Our current Curriculum framework can be found here:

Our previous Curriculum frameworks are here:

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Our Hadrian’s wall curriculum plan for 2018-19 is here:

British Values

British values are embedded into our wider curriculum at Bewcastle Primary School. We understand them to be: tolerance; respect for the rule of law; democracy and fairness.

These are some of the activities that our children have taken part in 2018, which enable them to further their understanding of British Values:

  • Walking the whole length of Hadrian’s Wall across the academic year, to develop their understanding of their local environment and to deepen their learning and understanding of British history.
  • Learning about festivals of light for Hindu, Jewish and Christian communities.
  • Collective worship that celebrates teamwork, kindness, respect and success in all its forms.
  • Performing our Christmas songs in the Knowe church Christmas festival.
  • Taking part in forest school learning.
  • Understanding British culture through literature, including learning about Charles Dickens and  Shakespeare.
  • Raising money for charities, including Macmillan, Cumbria air ambulance and the British legion.
  • Taking part in the Carlisle cathedral singing outreach programme – the whole school learned a range of challenging songs and these were performed in the Cathedral in front of a large audience (all children from Reception to Y6).
  • Visiting the Theatre by the Lake for a performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
  • House captain elections and house points for kindness, being a good citizen and academic work.
  • Learning about Chinese New Year.
  • Working together to produce a public performance of ‘A Festival of Light’.
  • Holding a sports day that includes wheelchair basketball and Boccia.
  • Hosting a number of community lunches – welcoming parents, grandparents, governors, visitors, Church leaders, MPs, county councillors and others to school.
  • Inviting our MP, Rory Stewart, to discuss walking Hadrian’s wall and learning from his own personal experiences of walking across Cumbria, Northumbria and the wider world.
  • Taking part in sporting fixtures and festivals, including those at William Howard School and the Sands Centre in Carlisle.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

At Bewcastle Primary School, our whole curriculum encompasses aspects of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education.

  • SPIRITUAL: Collective worship with Rob, our priest in charge; visiting and performing in Carlisle Cathedral; visiting St Cuthbert’s, Bewcastle; daily whole school story; exploration and wonder in the natural world through forest school, gardening and walking Hadrian’s wall; taking part in WHISkids to support mental health and understanding emotions.
  • MORAL: Outstanding daily behaviour; enthusiastic attitude to learning and readiness to learn; care and consideration for others through fundraising; care and consideration for others within school – e.g. clearing and helping at lunch times; learning about values through the curriculum and collective worship – e.g. respect, concern for others, moral behaviour; learning about the importance of inclusion for all – e.g. wheelchair basketball.
  • SOCIAL: Community lunches – welcoming and caring for visitors; holding a mini ‘General Election’ at school; welcoming our local MP, Rory Stewart; writing to the Prime Minister as part of ‘Send my friend to school; working cooperatively with other schools; swimming in our school pool; sponsored walk to Bewcastle Church to raise money for our pool; understanding the importance of staying safe, including online; taking part in sporting activities.
  • CULTURAL: Taking part in local agricultural shows; welcoming visitors from other countries (Nepal); theatre visits (Keswick, Theatre by the Lake); putting on theatrical productions; entering Wordsworth poetry prize; taking part in outdoor activities – camping, walking, sailing etc.; taking part in sporting activities with other schools; Theatre company visited school (A Christmas carol); U-dance competition.