Curriculum Headlines 

School strengths

  • One of our key strengths is our small size. This means all the children are known extremely well and staff are entirely focused on them as individuals and tailor their leaning to them. Staff also know families very well
  • Teaching and learning are a strength of the school – our staff are highly-skilled
  • Outdoor curriculum

Areas for development

  • Vocabulary – see English maintenance action plan
  • Problem-solving in maths – using White Rose Maths resources
  • Curriculum review – our curriculum is embedded but we are looking to move to termly topics over a 4-year cycle as this will allow for greater child input/direction.

Curriculum adaptation since lockdowns

During lockdowns, work was set on Tapestry and through work-packs that was similar to what would have been taught in school. Adaptations were made e.g. art/design technology was kites rather than fabrics as it was more suited to home-learning. On return to school, children have been ‘light touch’ assessed to find the gaps in their learning. Staff have adapted teaching to account for this and to allow for extra input to fit the children’s needs.  For example, maths may include input from earlier units to address gaps before new learning is introduced. Also, Oak Academy (online) is now used for music in school as it had worked well during lockdowns.